Why DP? We are the only Not for Profit that provides an end-to-end suite of program offerings that include: after school training, homework assistance, summer enrichment, scholarship and mentor programs that help K-12 students throughout the greater Rochester area.


We offer a robust Program that assists, enriches, builds, maximizes student achievement, and then invests in our students K-12 journey with scholarship money towards college. That in itself sets us apart from everyone else. However, because our success comes from preparing our students for post-college graduate life, we at DP don’t stop there…We will monitor and enable our student’s continued success by hiring them as interns/co-ops to run our programs and design and build products that assist with self-funding our endeavors. By utilizing the skill set of currently enrolled college students from the neighborhoods we service, we:

  1. Introduce a unique mentoring opportunity
  2. Develop a sense of "if someone from my neighborhood can do it, so can I"
  3. Create our unique DPRE or DP Reciprocal Effect


To greater illustrate our DPRE system, please refer to the graphic below.


In addition to our unique program offerings, further reasons for choosing to partner with DP are the many benefits that come with collaboration. Our program aids in building self esteem in our youth, reducing suspension rates, raising test scores, thereby increasing the graduation rate. The self funding aspect of the program allows for autonomy to make effective change, without the obligation of recurrent funding discussions with outside agencies.



Low test scores, low graduation rate, high suspension rate, financial aid needy

DP Program Give Target Demographic test preparation, summer enrichment, homework assistance, mentors and scholarships COOP/INTERN Hire the college student as Co-op/Intern to run programs, design/build products, mentor- thus giving them hands-on experience, community service, sense of pride


Delivering Promise

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